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Boulders on the summit of Old Rag Mtn.

P90X – Day 64

Despite the fact that it was a holiday weekend, and despite the 90 °F (plus, with high humidity) weather, my husband Steve and I decided to climb Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park (VA). We’ve climbed it before; it’s one of our favorites. Although short, it is a strenuous climb at times, and it rates […]

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Clean eating challenge

P90X – Day 58

Wow! Almost 2/3 of the P90X program is already done. How did that time fly by so fast? Well, part of it was just having fun. On the other hand, I’ve noticed that I’m stronger (yay!), but I’m not achieving all that I wanted in terms of leanness. I know exactly why. Nutrition. They say […]

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Post Combat Wrokout

P90X – Day 51

Wow! Day 51. Already? Time sure goes fast when you’re having fun! And what fun we had at the Team Beachbody Coaches’ Summit 2013! Summit ran from Thursday through Saturday, June 20-23. I kept up with my P90X workouts up until Thursday, when I left for the airport at 6 AM. No P90X workout that […]

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Sage in TMT t-shirt

P90X – Day 38

Setbacks happen. Last week I was in a pretty significant funk. So much so, that I couldn’t bring myself to post. I’m not sure what kicked it off, but I did not feel motivated all week. I did my workouts, and I pushed hard on the resistance ones, but not the cardio/stretching ones. For some […]

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P90X – Day 22

It’s hard to believe it’s Day 22 already! Actually, yesterday was day 22, but it also was the holiday, so I am writing today instead. This is the first rest week of P90X. Yesterday was Yoga X, today is Core Synergistics, and the rest of the week includes Kenpo X, another Core Synergistics workout, and […]

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